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“Talent availability is industries primary factors in determining job location decisions.“

Source: Future of Jobs Survey 2018, World Economic Forum.

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

– Malcolm X –

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About Us

BusinessFirst is an organization focusing on knowledge and learning solutions. With systematic and internationally approved methodology, aims to provide training and development programs suitable and applicable with unique needs of each client. With detailed specific measurement, we believe it will create sustainable effectiveness for each organization.

Since 2007, BusinessFirst serves the need for people development for more than 10multi-national and national companies (financial, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, FMCG, etc.) with a range of programs from personal effectiveness to organization strategies.

We are also the affiliation of THINK ON YOUR FEET®, the internationally acclaimed business communication methods that enables you to answer difficult questions and handle hostile situations in a real time and respond it with CLARITY | BREVITY | IMPACT™.

Our Mission

We contribute to our clients by providing customized and high quality solutions through systematic and innovative approach in order to enable effectiveness in organizations.

Our Values

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Actualized Passion

  1. Seek, develop and deliver results with high enthusiasm.
  2. Develop self for better understanding on mindset process and results.
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Creative Solutions

  1. Always look for alternative approach, updates and solution better results.
  2. Open for improvement and refinement through collaboration.
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Trusted Partner

  1. Deliver what is promised.
  2. Trustworthy to deliver the high standard results.

Top Five Programs


The internationally acclaimed workshops available in 30 countries that trains you to organize your ideas FAST! It enables you to answer difficult questions and handle hostile situations in a real time and respond it with CLARITY | BREVITY | IMPACT™.

Fundamental Presentation

The program focusing on the skills to create structured content, develop interesting design, and deliver impactful messages in a systematic way. This program provides around 50% exercises/practices to ensure high achievement of the skills required.

Coaching Unlimited

Drawn mainly from Whitemore’s GROW Model, this is the program focusing on giving effective feedback and direction in accordance with interpersonal communication principles which includes increasing subordinate (coachee) self-esteem, listen with empathy,  and involvement in overcoming job challenges.

Supervisory Skill

Developed from Terry (1953) and Boone & Kurtz (1984) fundamentals of Planning, Organizing, Actuating, and Controlling (POAC). Designed and developed with case studies customized to the core businesses of the respectable clients.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Systematic and end-to-end problem solving and decision making skill consist of assessment of complex problematic situation, finding the root cause of a problem, determining the best solution, and drawing action plan to secure the implementation of the solution.

Our Clients

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