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Personal Programs

Achievement Motivation

The program to ignite and sustain staffs motivation to be capable individual contributors. Have the proactive attitude; taking responsibility for anything that happens and does not leave it to the other party, translate existing targets into specific and measurable actions, working together as a team, and commit to improve self capabilities.

Time Management

Self management for staffs with emphasize on the purpose of their jobs, urgent-important matrix, and importance scheduling. Also how to handle procrastination and unreasonable requests.

Stress Management

Started with the essence of stress, the training continued with positive and negative impacts of stress to individuals performance. One uniqueness of this training is the asessment of participants’ level of stress. The stress management down to earth application is given through ABC Strategy, counseling, and relaxation techniques.

Relieve In Your Work

Our merged, re-structured and enhanced Stress Management and Time Management programs.

Total Thinking Framework

Straight to the point program which train participants to examine problems through 6 comprehensive point of views. Upgraded with more mock-up cases and how to perform the thinking in group context.

Six Steps Problem Solving

Assess current situation to determine whether the deviation is significant or not,asks the right questions, collects relevant data-information, identify possible causes, determine main cause and establish possible solutions.

Structured Thinking

The program to foster understanding of the fundamentals of structure thinking process, how to build a pyramid of thinking, how to look critically at the groupings of variables/reasons, and how to define a problem. Cases is build from participants’ jobs realities.

Learning Yields

How to systematically enhance self-capabilities through abundance opportunities to learn for increasing career aligned with organization goals. Tools: Individual Development Plan.

Service Excellent

Service excellence mindset, service excellent principles towards external and internal customers and handling complain.

Embracing Change

The program for lower level member of organization so that they can feel comfortable with change, willingly adapts to shifting or competing priorities, and deals with obstacles and constraints without becoming hindered or discouraged.

Smart Emotions

How to manage our own emotions to enhance social skills for team’s mutual achievements. An increasingly important ability for collaborative working environment.

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