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Managers Programs

Supervisory Skills

Managerial skills for supervisors up to first-line managers based on George R Terry’s Planning-Organizing-Actuating-Controlling.

Fundamental Leadership

Builds awareness about the merge functions of leader-manager in today’s business world and also understand various roles of a leader (inspiring, directing, driving, sharing, leading and developing)

Team Engagement

Understand what is meant by team, team development stages and team productivity. Constructed on Robbins’ Team, Bennis-Goldsmith Leader-Manager, and Belbin’s Team Roles.

Development and Delegation

How to provide suitable leadership to subordinates based on their competence and motivation, provide suitable learning opportunities, and delegate the right task and responsibility when they ready.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Systematic and end-to-end problem solving and decision making skill consist of assessment of complex problematic situation, finding the root cause of a problem, determining the best solution, and drawing action plan to secure the implementation of the solution.

Productive Meetings

This program provides knowledge and skills to plan, implement, and follow-up various reasons, goals, and types of meeting for organization success.

Managing Conflict

Comprehensive Conflict Management process (not only conflict resolution) started with Pre-conflict (healthy working environment), Midst-conflict (process of resolution), and Post-conflict (lessons for improvement).

Strategic Leadership

Leadership for senior-level managers inspired from international approved management thoughts on the roles of leadership (ex: modeling, inspiring, aligning, enabling and encouraging).

Build Your Leadership

The program to strengthen and broaden everybody’s leadership. Consist of 5 levels, started from the first-time leadership condition up until molding the next leadership.

Business Thinking Intrapreneurship

The program fostering a business mindset of entrepreneurship where people work cross-functionally to create new value and see their team/group/department as a company

Business Acumen

A strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models through 9 building block of business.

Customer Focus

The advancement from “Business Acumen” by focusing on the customer segments/profile and value propositions.

Leading Change

A program focusing on the understanding on the individual change preferences and 8 principles to lead change based on international recognized framework. Designed and developed with case studies customized to the core businesses of the respectable clients.

HR for Non-HR Managers

This program enables Non-HR Managers conduct HR processes which closely related with their functions as superordinate (recruitment and selection, training and development, and performance management).

Coaching Unlimited

Drawn mainly from Whitemore’s GROW Model, this is the program focusing on giving effective feedback and direction in accordance with interpersonal communication principles which includes increasing subordinate (coachee) self-esteem, listen with empathy, and involvement in overcoming job challenges.

Successful Mentoring

A program focus on the requirements and characteristics need for mentor and mentee, HR unit roles, and mentoring process to ensure future leaders in organizations.

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