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Communication Programs

Communication Foundation

Fundamental understanding about communication and its significance in today’s business world. Improving communication skills through 3 principles of effective communication (trust, empathic listening and knowing audience), with emphasize on customizing message to each personality of audience.


The internationally acclaimed workshops available in 30 countries that trains you to organize your ideas FAST! It enables you to answer difficult questions and handle hostile situations in a real time and respond it with CLARITY | BREVITY | IMPACT™.

Communication On DiSC

Customizing communication message to each of DiSC personality and how we adapt communication styles to team’s personality.

Communication to Motivate

Customizing communication message to each of personality based on McClelland’s Motivational Needs.

Fundamental Presentation

The program focusing on the skills to create structured content, develop interesting design, and deliver impactful messages in a systematic way. This program provides around 50% exercises/practices to ensure high achievement of the skills required.

Impressive Delivery

For middle up to senior level managers, this program discussing the significance of structured, clear, and brief presentation material, with emphasize mainly on delivery aspect of a presentation to ensure top management’s buy-in in a brief period of time. Fundamental Presentation as prerequisite.

Effective Efficient Emails

Fundamental understanding of essence and significance of email in today’s efficient utilization of time. Started from the impacts of producing false emails, correct reasons to write/reply email, how to write the structured ones, and abundance of tips & tricks.

Personalizing Emails

Read customer DiSC personality based on their writing and customizing replies to enhance customer experience. Started with Ask-Assisstance-Complaint situation of customer, this program utilize Plan-Draft-Edit email writing process.

Train The Trainer

Comprehensive training to become a trainer based on ADDIE Model. Started from establishing learning objectives according to your class condition, create materials and learning aids, delivering the materials and up to determine the correct evaluation tools.

Negotiation Skills

Improve negotiation skills by exercising mock-up and participants real BATNA cases, this programs enrich with video observation of negotiation tactics. Ended with final pair role play of participants negotiation.

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