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Collaboration is the characteristic of today’s 4.0 industry revolution, the new way of doing business, and the key success factor. BusinessFirst is wide open for various kinds of combined effort. Find your best type of cooperation below.

Sales / Marketing Affiliates

Are you a reliable seller/marketer? Do you like remote work and have a proven sales/marketing strategy? You can be our sales/marketing affiliates and get attractive commissions from every successful transaction. Give us your CV!

Training Collaboration

Do you have training related to people development and strategic management? Are you interested in offering training from BusinessFisrt in your service? Collaborate on your training with programs from BusinessFisrt to achieve maximum results!

Training Partner

Are you a trainer and interested in promoting BusinessFirst programs through your training and vice versa? Or do you want to hold a BusinessFirst training in your area? We open for cooperation with you.

Learning Space

You have a suitable room for class? You have a growing working space and requires an interesting free workshop session? BusinessFirst offers a variety of programs starting from 4 to 25 participants. Interested to work together?

Associate Trainer

Are you a professional who has worked for more than 5 years in your field? Do you like to teach and guide others? You can become a professional consultant from BusinessFirst and help many people. Interested to join?

Project Collaboration

Are you handling a project that requires strategic thinking, industry analysis, organization / corporate-wide consultancy / formulation, related socialization / training, or event organizing? BusinessFirst has a team of professionals and vendors who can help you anytime.

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